Inquiry Roundup- Computer Programming

Comp ProgWeb Crawler

I am looking for a computer science expert that can testify about the functionality web crawlers and analyze whether data contained on a server is accessible by the public…..more

Sawtooth Software

We are currently trying to put our sawtooth file on the web. Unfortunately, we have encountered many problems. We are therefore looking for someone who can really assist and guide us until the final step, uploading our file to our external webhost. The best could be that we could go with our computer to this person in Belgium, since it is very urgent and we have been trying all kinds of help….more

Personal Computer

Seeking expertise in the space of PC (Personal Computer) sourcing/procurement models/types/methods prevailing especially in the pharmaceutical and mining industries…..more

Senior Game Producer

Rapidly Growing Insurance Tech Company Seeks Senior Game Developer
The Senior Game Developer leads various aspects of a game’s creation from concept and story writing to the coding and programming. This person will devise new computer games for use within the 3D Virtual World and define the way the games are played and the ‘game experience’. They will develop:the rules of the game,the setting,story and characters ……..more
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