Extended Battery Lifetime for Bluetooth Smart Radios

Zintro_smart homeImec, Host Centre and Wicentric recently introduced their integrated ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart radio solution for a range of smart applications. They claim the power consumption is up to five times lower than the best quality radios with a very small memory footprint, leading the way to new Internet of Things (IOT) applications. Autonomous wireless sensor systems that run on batteries or harvested energy are used in personal health monitoring products, smart homes, and intelligent cars, depending on the size and power consumption.

Sanjeev Sharma has over 12 years of semiconductor industry experience, covering mixed signal projects and high-growth semiconductor IP products. “IOT is going to be a game changer in the near term,” says Sharma. “However, non-availability of the ultra-low radios may delay the adaptability of connected devices. Personal health monitoring systems connected to mobile infrastructures need ultra-low power Bluetooth solutions with energy harvesting features. Defibrillators, vital signs monitors, incubators, IV pumps etc. will be good targets. In terms of smart home applications, there are benefits for home automation in kitchen inventories and securities appliances.”

According to the press release, the combination of Imec and Host Centre’s ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart compliant radio and Wicentric’s comprehensive Bluetooth Smart software provides a highly-integrated solution currently available for licensing.

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