Success Story: Gina Laughlin

Gina LaughlinGina Laughlin works in sales and product management for a major athletic shoe company. She has over 20 years of experience in high-volume branded and private label women’s athletic apparel. Gina’s experience and expertise working in sales, merchandising, and marketing prepared her for a recent successful partnership as a consultant for clients on the Zintro platform.

“My experience is very extensive and yet unique in the women’s athletic apparel marketplace,” says Laughlin. “I have a very different perspective on the challenges companies face aligning their product management and sales teams in order to achieve retail success. Zintro connected me to a client with an investment group, and I was able to give them insights that someone whose experience was only in sales or only in production would not be able to have, and it has led to additional contract work doing research and analysis for them.”

Laughlin has a number of specialized skills that make her an asset as a consultant. “My ability to be on the ground and do in depth competitive research and at the same time comprehend everything that goes into areas such as design, sourcing, technical design, fit, costing, selling, marketing and merchandising is beneficial to any group (investors, manufacturers or retailers) desiring another set of unbiased eyes on their business in a marketplace that is fast becoming saturated with like product,” Laughlin explains. “Thanks Zintro for helping me realize my unique consulting value!”

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