Inquiry Roundup – Construction

construction+workersConstruction Equipment Teardown

Need to tear down 2 Komatsu PC120-3 and one PC300-3 and containerize them for ocean transport…..more

Construction Cost Estimation

Expert advice is required on construction cost estimation of a manufacturing facility in Pharmaceuticals/CPG domain. The geographic focus is North America and Asia Pacific. This is being done in an interest to understand industrial cost components of construction in terms of quantity of material (steel, cement, concrete, sand, etc.) and of labor hours (white collar€“ managerial and technical cadre and blue collar €“ skilled and unskilled worker). The facility under study is as follows (a) It has a spend of USD 100 Million approximately (b) It is single storied (c) The land cost not is considered (d) It includes all mandatory components of a production facility…..more

Highway And Railroad Construction

We are a leading consulting company. Our client, a large construction company,“ is interested in increasing labor productivity of construction processes. The main areas of interest are construction of highways and railroads.

We are looking for an Expert how can help us:
analyze client’s construction processes and identify those processes that have the greatest potential to increase labor productivity (based on Expert´™s experience or comparison between the performance of the client and international benchmarks), find out what causes low labor productivity, identify ways to improve labor productivity of client’™s construction processes. Successful candidate will have relevant experience in increasing labor productivity in highway and railroad construction…..more

Construction Site Safety

We are an Australian based startup company developing a construction site safety system for use on mobile devices. This is a new product to the industry and we would like advice on legal exposure and consultation from construction project managers and safety consultants……more

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