Inquiry Roundup -Consumer packaged goods(CPG)


Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Need a CPG sales and marketing organization who represents CPG manufacturers, whose duties are to seek promotion opportunities to promote CPG products to the general population with focus on the U.S. minority consumer. One who has buying decision power.…..more

Post Transaction

Hi all,
In the process of closing on CPG manufacturing company. The company is very healthy with strong management.
We are seeking experts with post-transaction experience. This individual will guide us with detailed checklist/steps for seamless post transaction. This is not an asset purchase, but a public to private. Therefore, we will be moving target into NEWCO.
We are a small family office with over 30 years of hands on operational experience. We will not be involved in the day-to-day of target..and would also like to see samples of controls and etc.
Look forward.…..more

Media Planning

Research Title: Media planning and buying

Geographic focus: Global (more focus on US)Industry Focus: Consumer Packaged Goods

Brief: We are currently working on a request to understand the media planning and buying industry as a whole with special focus on United states (US). We are trying to understand the market for traditional and non-traditional media separately. Some of the information we require consultation over includes

1. To identify best practices adopted by CPG and Non-CPG buyers within the media planning and buying space. Under the same the main focus areas include:

– Provision to establish best practices for traditional and non-traditional media such as
– Typical contract duration with media agencies
– engagement models that are entered into with the supplier by the companies
– Pricing Models within the media industry adopted in the market.
– Level where the category is being managed
– Examples of prominent CPG and non-CPG best practices are also required.

2. Market Landscape in terms of market size, latest developments, popular campaigns, and newer technological advances in media planning and buying in the US and worldwide.
3. Blended rates: We would like to understand the average blended rates charged in the industry for securing traditional and non-traditional media services.

Our study is focused on global media industry but, more insight is required for the US market..…..more

Detergent Formulation

In search of a fragrance microencapsulation expert-looking for scientists with formulation experience in house hold care CPG products (detergent, fabric softener, hard surface cleaners.)..…..more

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