Inquiry Roundup -Automobile Industry

Automobile industry

Automobile Industry

Ford marks the 100th year of its Assembly Line. An automobile industry expert is needed who could speak about about the current situation in the auto market. This is for a weekly TV-show in Central NJ…..more

Automotive Purchasing

Expert witness testimony related to automotive purchasing and manufacturing processes….more

Automobile Carbon Brushes

Looking out for an automobile industry expert to offer his expertise for automobile carbon brushes unit setup in India…..more

Car Fleet Sourcing

Currently seeking support from key, industry leading corporate car fleet experts/consultants for the following: Geographic Scope: Switzerland  What is the state of the automobile industry in Switzerland? Which are the most preferred cars in Switzerland for corporate fleet (compensation cars) by fortune 500 companies?  What are the different costs associated with leasing cars in Switzerland?….more

Automotive Supply Chain

We are a consulting firm working with a supplier of parts to the tier one level, The parts are plastic parts used in bumper systems. We are looking for someone who has worked with similar parts and knows the relevant supply chain. We are also looking for someone that has experience in developing forecasts for these types of parts….more

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