Featured Provider: Krishnamurthy-KN on the Used Medical Devices Market

If you’re in need of something as specific as a qualified opinion on the market for used medical equipment in India, where do you look?!

Fortunately, both expert user Krishnamurthy-KN and an entrepreneurial medical equipment firm already knew that Zintro is very much in the business of delivering on these kinds of specific needs.

Krishnamurthy is a senior level manager with over 20 yeaMedical equipmentrs of experience in the medical device and equipment industry. With his two decades of experience he’s had exposure to all diagnostic medical imaging equipment and has a deep and broad understanding of the healthcare industry in general across areas including management, marketing and strategic sales.

Through Zintro, Krishnamurthy, with his very niche expertise, was in the position to conveniently be found by an entrepreneur seeking a very specific and difficult-to-find perspective – consultation from an industry veteran regarding the purchasing and reselling of medical equipment, specifically in India.

According to Krishnamurthy, “The client wanted to pursue opportunities in the refurbished/pre-owned medical equipment market in India. He sensed that the medical equipment that was being replaced in Saudi Arabian hospitals could be positioned and sold successfully in the Indian market. I gave him an overview of the Indian refurbished medical equipment market and provided contacts of a few vendors across India who specialize in the segment.”

Thanks to Krishnamurthy’s expertise, the Zintro client is in the process of taking his new business opportunity forward.

Krishnamurthy explains the marketing value of the Zintro platform in his own words: “Zintro is helping me to leverage (market) my professional expertise to the right potential clients – specifically those who want to address the growing Indian Medical equipment/Healthcare Market – and that’s very powerful.”

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