Inquiry Roundup: Real Estate


 I’m looking for advice on how to structure debit syndication or placement to purchase an investment property (luxury duplex) in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Purchase price is in the $800s. Looking for advice and connections to potential investors….more


We have over $2 billion in residential and commercial properties for sale in Europe, consisting of luxury resorts, luxury villas, land development sites, retail sites, etc. I’m looking for a seasoned real estate person to help me market these properties — our primary focus is the Americas, Asia, and Russia/CIS….more

I need a Real estate lawyer to help me summons someone to court for breach of contract….more


I am looking for help in the area of Commercial Real Estate Finance. (specifically Multi-Family) I am not new to this type of investment but I am new to trying to structure deals working with outside funding other than banks. I have always done them on my own.
I am seeking help with the structure and solicitation of leveraging the capital I do have into a more progressive effort to obtain more units under mgmt….more



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