Google Tackles International Security Issues

Zintro_googleGoogle recently announced that it is partnering with other groups to develop three tools which will aid people living in repressive nations. The announcement was made at NYC’s “Conflict in a Connected World” summit. The first, Project Shield, enables people to utilize Google’s own security measures against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. After scanning the users’ website, Google hosts a copy on its servers so that the user is less likely to become a victim of a DDosattack.

Angeles Peinado Luque,  an independent consultant and expert in global emerging markets based in Spain, shares his opinion about Google’s programs. “In regard to hosting a copy on one of its own servers, Google is trying to consolidate their data search criteria and execution. Google’s main incoming revenue source is online ads. Hosting the database would provide a competitive advantage that apparently they are losing against competition from Yahoo.”

Companion project Digital Attack Map, built through a collaboration with Arbor Networks, makes it possible for people to see where DDos attacks are taking place in real time, as well as view historical trends and related news. The third program funded by Google is uProxy. It is a browser, developed by Brave New Software and the University of Washington, that allows people to give each other a trusted pathway on the Internet. According to Google, uProxy helps “protect an Internet connection from filtering, surveillance or misdirection.” Users in a safe location can share their extensions with someone else so that no activity is tracked. Google says it hopes its technology is just one step toward “helping those fighting for free expression around the globe.”

Luque says, “Free expression or new schemes to consolidate Google in the marketplace now that Yahoo is taking some competitive advantage? Regardless, Google is now recognizing that attacks on its own servers means that their security schemes need to be reviewed.”

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