Inquiry Roundup: Pharmacy medical imagesPharmacy MTM Program

Pharmacy MTM program getting help signing up for medicare medicaid billing

**** Brown Bag Day medicaion therapy management program I have venues that provide seniors and caregivers education about medication care, storage etc and I perform a complete computer research for drug -food- herb interactinsWant to be able to bill the patient for this servie pubic aide or medicare card holders…..more

 Toothpaste Formulation 

Im a dental consultant for a pharmacy chain that need to expand its oral care private label product line….more

Compounding Pharmacy

We are looking for assistance with Starting up a pain cream compounding pharmacy….more

 Medical Rehabilitation 

I am looking to start a sub-acute and rehab / pharmacy facility in Morris County, NJ. I have multiple consultants to work with but I need someone local to the area. Someone that lives in NJ and preferably in North Jersey. Please let me know if you have someone that falls under this criteria with a successful track record…..more


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