Employee Incentive Programs to Increase Performance

economicincentiveGamification‘ is one way companies are approaching business-process improvement. It involves figuring out why people do things a certain way at work, and finding ways to motivate them to meet employer goals for improving operations. One example is the point-and-reward system utilized by American Express’s business travel unit for its corporate travel clients to help drive more spending to travel suppliers.

Business-process improvement expert Shashank Tilak, is CEO of Vainteya Software Consultancy Pvt Ltd. Tilak shares his thoughts about gamification. “I think it is a good idea. It gets people to contribute more effectively to the company’s goals. I heard about a shop manager who, in early brick and mortar days, would gather employees together at the end of their shifts. He would hand out three cards to each of the top performers from that day. At the end of the week, the employees would play a kind of ‘Poker’ with the cards they had collected. The company would hand out cash or other rewards and recognition to the employees. It increased attendance, helped employees focus on goals, and even allowed the shop managers to set their own goals for meeting challenges or targets each day.”

The health sciences division at Oracle incorporates incentive techniques in its cloud-based software products. One effort aimed at getting clinical trial researchers to submit their patient data faster. A researcher who entered her findings faster than her colleagues could quickly become recognized in the group, increasing rank and reputation.  “Payouts have to be fairly frequent and reasonable,” says Tilak. “Peer recognition for their efforts is important but is not sufficient. Being transparent and fair is essential. Challenges must be attractive enough to be an incentive, but not so difficult that they are impossible to meet.”

Operations improvement expert BC Karamchandani, president of OpEx Consulting LLC, agrees that companies must find creative ways to be competitive. “Organizations today are realizing that it is harder to sustain a competitive edge based solely on short-term gains in productivity, cost efficiency and incremental changes. The focus is rapidly shifting to investment in business optimization initiatives, which rely on knowledge and information to develop new insights that deliver better- and sustainable- business results for a competitive advantage.”

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