Success Story: Predrag Ostojic

asdasdElectronics and electrical engineering designer Predrag Ostojic, of Power Supply IVV, has spent over 20 years working in his field. He has expertise in a wide range of areas, such as power supply research, design, product development, support, and market research. Ostojic’s experience working within Telecommunications, Automotive, Railway, and other industries prepared him to partner successfully as a consultant for clients on the Zintro platform.

“Thanks to Zintro I made a quick connection with my first client,” says Ostojic.  “At the conference call, which was arranged by Zintro, I learned about the project details and provided my consulting support. Later, via emails and phone calls, we distilled project details and defined my role. Then a contract agreement and NDA documents were signed. Within a few months we agreed on a year-long contract – for research, design and consulting support to the client’s project development staff.  I also worked on a second project through Zintro. Both projects were completed successfully. The client was satisfied with the results and is counting on my design and consulting support in the future.”

Ostojic discusses the effect Zintro has had on his marketing efforts. “The Zintro network concept is based on a brilliant and genial idea. It allows for a direct, simple, and quick connection between vendors looking for help, and experts offering the know-how for each specific consulting need. Zintro makes it possible for project cooperation, team work, and brainstorming to begin right away- it does not matter where on the globe your SOHO or work desktop is. The only thing that matters is that the participants make a good team.”

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity: