Inquiry Roundup: Food Packaging

heating canSelf-heating Food Packaging

We are a consortium of health and nutrition experts and authors interested in sourcing gluten-free, organic, GMO-free, Halal or Koshar, self-heating, diet meals (Paleo diet) rich in protein and low in carbs for, the Middle East.
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Laminated RollStock

Looking for experts who can help us understand the various costs involved in manufacturing of 4-layer, laminated roll-stocks used in food packaging. Experts preferably have knowledge in the US, India & China markets.
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Snack Food Packaging

Snack packaging company in need of packaging for our nuts, dried fruit and candies. We need to source some wholesale nuts, dried fruit, and candies and we need help with our packaging – for example what we should write on our bags of almonds that can attract customers to buy our products.  Most likely we  also need to set up a point-of-sale (POS) for our vendor to show what kind of racks and displays we can offer.
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Food Packaging

Looking for a packaging solution for frozen seafood sausages.
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We are looking for a supplier manufacturer of self-heating packaging for food and drinks.
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