“I was very impressed at how user friendly the Zintro platform is” – Simon Davari

Simon DavariSimon Davari is an international tax expert
with more than 12 years of experience, having worked for prestigious, multi-national corporations including PwC and KPMG. Throughout his successful career, Davari established a vast network of contacts around the world, especially in Canada, South America, Europe and Middle-East. Davari serves as an advisor to worldwide divisions and gives guidance to organizations on international contract negotiation, financial analysis, companywide projects, international tax strategies and treaty interpretation. His potential Zintro client needed an experienced expert to handle an ambiguous situation and they were able to develop a feasibility plan in less than two hours, by using the Zintro platform.

“I was very impressed at how user friendly the Zintro platform is. The fact that Zintro handles the collection of fees avoids the time that is usually required to do client credit check and advances. This acceleration allows us to solve issues very quickly,” notes Davari. “This experience definitely added motivation to use Zintro more often and use its capabilities to be found for an expertise that I have in international taxation that is quite scarce outside the big accounting and law firms.

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity: