Inquiry Roundup: Waste Energy, Management and Recycling

Attention all expert providers in Waste Energy, Management and Recycling. We hope you find these recent inquiries interesting.

In need of someone with chemical and metallurgical background to develop formulations for the recovery of precious and noble metals from printed circuit boards and other electronic waste.  I am an entrepreneur with an idea for a new E-Waste Recycling Process that is environmentally friendly and is not a smelting process.
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I am looking for metallic tape recycling experts.  I need someone with knowledge who can offer advice for recycling/isolating metallic tape of waste product.
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Looking for consultants to study solid municipal waste conversion to electrical energy.  We aim to develop an integrated Solid Waste Management (SWM) system to ensure efficient collection, transportation, recovery, treatment and disposal of the waste generated in the City of Lahore, Pakistan.

Scope & Duration of Study:  The consultant will remain engaged for a period of one month. However, actual working hours in client country will comprise of one week and the rest of working hours will consist of a home-based assignment.  The study will focus on the review of existing literature and knowledge to ascertain a feasible WTE option for Lahore and review of Expression of Interests (EOIs) of interested companies to arrive at the best option for Lahore. The engagement of consultant may be extended in the light of his/her performance.
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Looking for solid waste sales rep in Houston, Texas.
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