“Zintro has provided the opportunity to connect with many new clients around the world” – Galvin Mould

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGalvin Mould is a senior executive in the medical device industry, having gained many years of experience in international sales, marketing and general management. Primarily focusing on orthopedics, Mould also serves as a medical device consultant for private equity investors.

His potential client is a consultancy positioned at the forefront of procurement intelligence providing businesses with critical decision-making support. They needed a better understanding of the medical device industry, especially those companies, which focus on the cardiovascular field and how they managed consignment inventories, which are held in hospitals for immediate access by clinicians for life saving procedures. Mould successfully guided them through the best practices in managing consignment inventories as well as describing the ERP systems used in the medical device industry. Thanks to Mould’s expertise, his clients successfully completed their project.

“Zintro has provided the opportunity to connect with many new clients around the world. These are clients I would not normally be in contact with and Zintro has given me the opportunity to grow my consulting business,” says Mould. “The Zintro system is quick and easy which facilitates rapid contact with clients and new projects. I look forward to my next Zintro project.”

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