Why Google Has Been Blocking Microsoft’s YouTube App

YouTubeDue to a disagreement between the two companies, Google blocked the YouTube app for Windows Phone again, upon Microsoft’s relaunch of the non-HTML5 version last week. Google had disabled the YouTube app before, claiming that Microsoft was unable to properly download videos and include video advertisements. Zintro experts discuss the relationship between Google and Microsoft.

According to software development engineer, Dan Devine, Google’s action might be disadvantageous for Windows Phone users. “As unfortunate as it is however, Microsoft has used this very tactic in the past against its competitors too. We shouldn’t feel sorry for them today. In fact, the issue of ‘contractually obligated degradation’ for a competitor’s product came up during their anti-trust case with the US Government,” Devine explains. “We shouldn’t kid ourselves that Google or Microsoft care about us as users.” From Devine’s point of view, both companies are only interested in expanding their market shares and increasing profits, which is why they might execute different strategies to achieve this goal. “Microsoft pioneered the concept of ‘lock-in’ with respect to software and they’re asserting some pretty thin patents against Android handset manufacturers today to the tune of perhaps $5.00 per device. The folks at Google know how Microsoft plays, is it any surprise that they are using every tool at their disposal to keep Windows Phone from getting a ‘toe-hold’ in the user’s minds,” he adds. “No Youtube for Windows Phone? Oh well, don’t buy a Windows Phone then. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch the show folks. This is what it sounds like when giants fight.”

Ryan Brown, an expert in photo and video production, believes that Google made the right decision, since Microsoft still needs to make some improvements on its application. “Firstly, a Flash only YouTube app is going backwards. Google was right to block the Microsoft YouTube app. I think the only way forward for Microsoft is to fix the application and remove the ability to download videos and fix the code to allow the advertisements to play,” notes Brown. “Those advertisements are not just paying YouTube, but are also paying regular people. So it’s in Microsoft’s best interest to make that fix.”

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