MixBit Will Change The Way We Create Videos

MixBitYouTube founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen will soon be launching MixBit, their new video creation app. With the help of this new app and the MixBit.com platform, users can remix video content, which has previously been uploaded. The platform enables users to edit and combine video clips that are each 16 seconds long. We asked our Zintro experts how the competition among MixBit, Vine and Instagram will take place.

According to Ron Knight, an expert in eRadio and eTV Management, this new strategy will promote the creation of better Proletariat Social Media play time and recuts of home made video. “From what we can see, the mix available on MixBit.com really isn’t a mix at all in pro grade studio or Video DJ production technique. The ability to sample and repost in social sites or in this targeted community site is relegated to linear hard cut edits, which appears not to be even as sophisticated for the video creator as available in Windows Video Media editoral, or simple desktop video editing software such as made by AVS Video media. As far as content creation and copyright issues, the courts have established enough instances of sampled media, repurposed content and derivative works in artist copyright ownership,” Knight explains. “In the case of the music industry, which did not take an active position to harness web based platforms and Mp3 file sharing at a most crucial time, we have found a destruction in the business models of controlling the distribution in music and audio media, with only now most recent and rare new instances of business models and revenues being engaged.” As Knight further points out, while video media is now being released in the social media web based platforms, traditional video business models have been destroyed. “New business models, whether based on this social media example as offered by MixBit, or real controlled publishers content with original and branded programming is still on the forefront of new emerging business models, underwritten by subscription, branded channel bundles, sponsorship and per unit downloads,” he adds. “This type of home made recut videos will earn numbers as far as mass market users in its base, but will remain a question on branded entertainment, unless they can get to a next level brand development, and compete with Netflix and Amazon with hopes to one day hone an Emmy.”

Lindsey Digrado, an expert in social media marketing and brand management, argues that it has been relatively easy lately for amateur videographers to post their personal videos. “MixBit is the newest addition to the video app family. It was a smart move for MixBit, from the founders of YouTube, to add this capability as a differentiator from its competitors, especially as a social marketing tool for brands as MixBit strives for future profitability. As brands become more savvy in the social space and use these platforms to promote their brands and products, user-generated videos have to be carefully handled, especially if they go viral, as these could either increase a brand’s awareness, or possibly tarnish a brand’s image,” notes Digrado. “However, this could allow smart brands to partner early with MixBit and use a tagging capability to showcase user-generated or brand videos, possibly on the brand’s Facebook page and allow MixBit to race to the head of the pack. As a side note, if the founders of MixBit have already sold one company to Google, it could be a real possibility that Google acquires MixBit and puts some of its search engine power behind the app.”

By Idil Kan

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