“Without Zintro, I wouldn’t have been able to help someone in a foreign country” – Sindee Levin

Music-Licensing1Sindee Levin is a veteran entertainment attorney, having worked at major film studios and the music publishing industry. Throughout the years, Levin has gained experience in copyright licensing for record companies, focusing on synchronization licenses to film, television, radio, and advertising agencies. Her extensive knowledge in the music industry allows Levin to offer guidance through all emerging technologies and new media formats including website exploitations and digital downloading. Zintro gave her the chance to help potential clients, who were looking for a noted expert, who is familiar with soundtrack copyrights and music licensing. “In a short period of time, I was able to tell the client what rights she needed,  how and where she could obtain them. I was able to utilize my years of experience with domestic and international work to quickly identify the issues and provide solutions,” says Levin. “Zintro made this experience possible. Without Zintro, I wouldn’t have been able to help someone in a foreign country maneuver through the American music system.”

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