Seeking Experts To Work On Organic Food Projects

organic-better-chemical1Organic Food

I’m working on having my own line of products, organic super green food powder manufacturers in europe .Manufacturers of molecular distilled fish oil (drill, anchovy or sardine oil) in Europe (including United Kingdom).Manufacturers of Vit D 3 Drops In Europe. I’m having a difficult time finding this. …..more

Organic Food Beverage

I’m looking for someone to help formulate a new Goji Berry based smoothie drink. I’ve created a solid brand already and need a list of ingredients which will be a great tasting drink, I’m new to this market so someone with experience in this field would be ideal…..more

Coconut Water

We are company dealing with organic food business out of South India and we are starting with coconut water and like to get a consultant to launch a Coconut water bottling plant and marketing….more

Organic Food Distributor

We are looking for a list of private label organic foods  international companies/distributers….more

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