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Crowdsourced Recruiting – Zintro Client Offers $20k Bounty for Start-up CEO     Know any seasoned executives with experience in mobile devices or consumer electronics?  Refer them using this inquiry and get a $20k bounty if they’re placed.Zintro Now Over 100,000 Strong! Congratulations and thank you to each and every 100,000 of you for making Zintro the fastest way to find and engage highly specialized expertise on the web. 

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Aviation Experts Analyze The Shocking Survival Rate of the Asiana 777 CrashMaserati Introduces The Ghibli: An Attempt To Increase Sales By Targeting New Market SegmentHow To Prevent HPV Among Young Adults

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New Projects

Here are a some interesting, recent projects:

Graphene Nanotechnology 

Seeking forecast info on use of Graphene nanotechnology in solar energy systems for commercial and industrial real estate development……more

Thermoplastic Manufacturer

I am an engineer looking for a manufacturer of Preformed Thermoplastic Airfield Markings for installation on airports…..more


I am developing an online networking solution for the building, construction and engineering industries. I am after leaders in these fields to help me to.……more

Skill Competency Mapping

We are looking for competency mapping consulting services. This is first time we are venturing in competency related exercise.……more