Online Employment May Lead To Successful Projects

GigwalkUsing algorithms and geo-location, Gigwalk, the online employment company, monitors and models employee behavior, helping companies recruit productive temps without having to interview candidates. Initially, Gigwalk assigns relatively simple tasks to these temps and gives them much more complex projects based on their previous performance. Through Gigwalk, hundreds of thousands of temps have worked in millions of jobs and projects involving some of the biggest corporations such as Microsoft and BMW. Zintro experts discuss how Gigwalk can contribute to existing employment opportunities.

Human Resources consultant, Karen Bradunas believes that having Gigwalk will be an important step to significantly improve productivity in the workforce. “For years, recruiters have been recruiting via technology and sending applicants to clients without ever having an in-person interview. This way, Gigwalk is not different; the data sources vary, but the impersonal nature is not different. The client gets data about the work done and has access to a global workforce. Workers in need of jobs that fit in with their schedule may find Gigwalk a perfect match,” notes Bradunas. “I see the biggest challenge in deciding which gigs can be solved by Gigwalk and which need to be managed by current or permanent employees. This challenge is no different than the challenge currently faced by employers when deciding whether to use temp agencies.”

Andre Walton, an expert in survey design and analysis, agrees that it will be crucial to have another career matching online agency. “The question for me relates to algorithms. Many of the current sites base their recommendations on simply geography – which is probably adequate for low-skill positions – or they use a home-grown variant on Myers-Briggs. The MBTI is really quite good at describing the characteristics of individuals. You can take an online test and be quite wowed at how good the fit seems to be with your image of yourself,” Walton explains. “However, there is little evidence that it is useful in defining a behavioral fit of the type that you want when matching people with career opportunities. There are, however, several excellent possibilities to work with regards getting this fit and if Gigwalk was developed around an algorithm such as one of these, then it has a lot to offer. If it is another variant on MBTI, I would be less than enthusiastic.”

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