CEO of Crocs Introduces Plan To Double Company Sales: Say ‘Buh-Bye’ To The Rubbery Clogs

Screen shot 2013-07-12 at 11.30.32 AMThe CEO of Crocs company intends to double sales in the next 5 years. He asserts that moving the company image away from the rubbery clogs for which it is known domestically and focusing on expansion into foreign markets where the brand isn’t considered obsolete are the keys to this growth. Despite their reputation as unattractive and clumsy, the clogs generate roughly half of the company’s total sales. Zintro asked product management experts to share their thoughts on this decision and discuss what the shift might mean for the brand.

Cheryl Simrany-Thomas specializes in brand and marketing management and believes “Global expansion makes sense for the Crocs Brand; as it will provide sales volume and economies of scale, producing the same core items – the items that made Crocs what it is today.” Based on her experience as a marketing and innovation consultant, Simrany-Thomas asserts that, “it is critical to first ensure [the company] fully understands ‘the magic’ -how and why Crocs are loved by core consumers- and that [they] are clearly communicating that message in core markets before expanding globally, and understanding how that unique selling proposition will translate in those global markets.” In conclusion, “While global expansion makes perfect sense as a next move to drive volume, domestically, Crocs will need to stay true to the core values and benefits that made its original line work and consider those benefits when innovating its line. The U.S. market must be the engine for growth into other markets, therefore it is important to not take your eye off the core during global expansion.”

Sanjeev Sharma, an expert in strategic business development, also feels  “it’s a good decision, as most progressive companies would agree that, to retain their supremacy, they need to devise strategies which not only complement their core strengths, but also portray them as innovative.” Sharma points out that branching into new product lines “gives old customers an opportunity to try a new product from a reliable company whose products they are comfortable with. The company needs to stress that, with a reliable product range which has been tried and tested, the customers can now look for more [shoe options] from a brand they trust.” In Sanjeev Sharma’s opinion, “The change in image is something which needs to be treated cautiously. It should be done subtly and slowly so change is visible, but not too drastic.” That way Sharma continues, “[Crocs] can morph into a new brand: bringing the old customers and attracting the new.”

Richard J. Howell works in advertising specialties such as purchasing and fulfillment, and maintains that Crocs should “keep the rubbery clogs in all marketplaces,” and “refresh the brand [by] launching a new line of natural-material, trendy styled clogs in both domestic and international markets.” Howell also proposes a new tagline to accompany the image; something along the lines of “Crocs and Roll” or “Music to Your Feet.”

By Gabriela Meller

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