Gigwalk Could Create Employment Opportunities

Gigwalk 2Using algorithms and geo-location, the online employment company, Gigwalk, monitors and models employee behavior, helping companies recruit productive temps without having to interview candidates. At the beginning, Gigwalk assigns relatively simple tasks to temps and give them much more complex projects based on their performance. With the help of Gigwalk, hundreds of thousands of temps have worked in millions of jobs and projects involving some of the industry giants such as Microsoft and BMW. We asked our Zintro experts Gigwalk’s potential to improve current employment opportunities.

According to Phillip Weiss, an expert in human resources and executive coaching, it is very important to have the most talented and efficient temps at the right moment, in order to maximize employee productivity. “From the looks of it, Gigwalk could be a valuable resource to achieve this. They’re where and how the upcoming workforce communicates. That means Gigwalk is fishing in the right pool; smartphone and internet users. The site seems easy to use and it also looks and feels cool. Temp gigs have always been a great resource for employers. Why not try before you buy,” notes Weiss. “Traditional temp agencies can be both cumbersome and costly. Gigwalk looks like a really viable and affordable employer resource for well-screened temporary talent. HR teams are tapped out. They need help. Any source that can find already-assessed talent at a reasonable price should be a no-brainer!”

Principal business psychologist, Mike Crimes, gives emphasis to the potential of local businesses, which should be taken into account in order to elicit community information in relation to products, services and usage. “Companies want to get third party information on their customer service, get local pricing information, map buildings and cities and conduct various market research projects. This objective is clearly best served by enlisting local people who support the local businesses and utilize local services. The Gigwalk app achieves this by connecting companies with local individuals. Members of the local community can increase their earning potential whilst engaged in everyday goals and activities,” Crimes explains. “The on-line capacity is unprecedented, in that it creates a community engagement solution to market research resourcing. It automates performance management monitoring in the market research sector. Finally, it engenders personal autonomy, self-motivation, personal style and approach in market data gathering. This not only drives new approaches to best practice, it enhances innovation and creative thinking.”

 By Idil Kan

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