“Zintro benefits me by providing me a continuous stream of potential clients” – Jeff Stollman

Jeff StollmanJeff Stollman is the president of Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, a technology consulting firm, evaluating business plans for commercial viability. Stollman is an expert in developing solutions to difficult problems across a wide range of disciplines including sensors, robotics, financial services, force protection, weapons demilitarization, information technology, information security and privacy. He currently holds patents in artificial intelligence, privacy, and financial services and has patents pending in financial services, information security, and non-lethal weapons.

Having worked for IBM Global Services as a technical solutions manager, Stollman has supported prestigious clients including IBM, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, US Bank, Merrill Lynch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ford, and a wide range of federal agencies, some of which include the DoD and Intelligence communities. Currently, he serves as a technical expert to the International Telecommunications Union – Technology organization and supports the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law.  Moreover, Stollman was an expert witness on behalf of the US EPA in public hearings on the economic impact of proposed noise abatement regulations and has testified at numerous hearings on protests of federal procurements.

“I was able to assist a prestigious consulting firm in providing their client with perspective on the managed security services industry. This included such considerations as what does it take to be successful in the industry, what are the barriers to entry, how is the industry changing over time, and how do clients select service providers. Because of my deep knowledge of this market, I was able to illuminate the team on questions on which they needed further clarification to provide a comprehensive analysis to their client,” notes Stollman. “Zintro is helping you with your marketing efforts. Zintro benefits me by providing me a continuing stream of potential clients without my having to invest time and effort into business development. I merely need to review the opportunities, select those of interest, and develop proposals to secure the engagement.”

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