Seeking Experts To Work On Nanotechnology Projects

NanotechnologyGraphene Nanotechnology  

Seeking forecast info on use of Graphene nanotechnology in solar energy systems for commercial and industrial real estate development……more


Nanites for space modules construction, computer construct, and engines, medical response issues,A.I. development,Etc.……more

Experienced scientist in the fields of materials science and nanotechnology who adds value by translating fundamental properties into practical products, processes, and services for applications ranging from energy conversion and oil production to novel, solid-state electrochemical systems. Specializing in the design of advanced materials for energy and hydrocarbon production.……more

Micro eye wear is a line of high-tech microscopic glasses designed. to give 360% microscopic vision. need help putting together a team of experts. micro vision will commercialize the nano and micro worlds.……more


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