A Step In The Right Direction

branding-awarenessFacebook recently changed its policy granting users the option to post mastectomy photos. Survivors and advocates for a cure appreciate the chance to share their experiences and accurately portray breast cancer as more than a pretty pink ribbon. Previously considered explicit content, acceptance of these photos suggests a change in the criteria by which our culture justifies censorship. We asked social media experts at Zintro their opinions on the policy change as it relates to the industry and society at large.

Lindsey Digrado specializes in social media marketing and branding. She believes “Facebook’s policy to allow mastectomy photos shows a positive step forward in corporate responsibility [and sets the] best practices and benchmarks within social media norms. Social media specifically allows us to become better educated about what our ‘network’ of friends and family (and even celebrities such as Angelina Jolie) are dealing with day-to-day. This in turn allows us to become more informed, more compassionate, and more able to share our own struggles. Though viewing these photos may be controversial and even uncomfortable for some, it’s a win for those who have beat cancer (and feel comfortable sharing such personal photos) and motivational for those still hoping to. There’s nothing wrong with being a little uncomfortable; it’s how we learn, grow and empathize with those who are the most important to us.”

According to Digrado, “What is considered explicit can vary by family, state and country; however, posting a mastectomy photo is no more explicit than a male bodybuilder showing a bare chest (of which I’m sure there are plentiful examples on Facebook to-date). Though Facebook’s current policy still disallows ‘photos with fully exposed breasts, particularly if they’re unaffected by surgery’, allowing mastectomy photos helps mitigate some of the misunderstanding that these photos are explicit or pornographic. It’s a step forward culturally as more and more women and men beat breast cancer.”

By Gabriela Meller

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