Maserati Introduces The Ghibli: An Attempt To Increase Sales By Targeting New Market Segment

carFor almost 100 years Maserati has been supplying the wealthiest people in the world with some of the most expensive, exotic cars on the road. Come September the company will introduce the Ghibli: an entry level, mid size sedan starting around $65,500 -just over half of  an average Maserati’s starting price. Maserati hopes the Ghibli will compete with cars like the Mercedes E class, Audi A6, Jaguar XF and BMW 5 series. Here, Zintro experts with experience in the automotive industry address whether they believe targeting this new market will help Maserati accomplish their goal of increasing sales eightfold by 2015.

Renato Marelli is a material engineer specializing in precious metals. He has “been working in the automotive field for several years and in the past Maserati has been [his] customer so [he feels he] knows their capabilities pretty well.” Marelli asserts that introducing the Ghibli “is the first step Fiat Group is taking to close the gap between their current Fiat/Chrysler production and the top-tier Ferrari and Maserati models: an area which is today the playground of the German producers.”

“It’s been in development for quite some time and the whole Group put a great effort in the process of bringing down the technical excellence of the top models to a lower price range. If they’ll be able to do that, I think they really stand a chance to reach their goal as the Maserati design could really be a gust of fresh air in a segment where the need of keeping the ‘family look’ of other brands is limiting the freedom of the designers.”

Jack Sayer, a automotive retail and wholesale specialist, reveals that “Maserati, the Italian car company owned by Fiat, intends to debut the new Ghibli sedan…at the Shanghai auto show on Saturday [and it] is expected to arrive in Europe and China this summer and in U.S. showrooms later in the year.” Sayer believes the Ghibli is “Faced with strong competition in its class,” and being “priced between 50,000 and 100,000 euros [64,290 and 128,580 USD],” could hinder sales. Furthermore Sayer believes “Besides the competition and pricing issues, the Ghibli will also face production limitations in attempting to meet Maserati sales goals of 50,000 cars in 2015 from 6,288 last year.”

By Gabriela Meller

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