“Working with Zintro has allowed me to build my client base” – Rita Kelley

Rita KelleyRita Kelley is the Principal at Shoreline Consulting, LLC, a commercialization and product development consulting firm, focusing on business development, brand management and global marketing. Kelley is a commercialization specialist and guides the start up community, helping them define, create and implement strategies to enter the global marketplace.

Kelley’s expertise has been broadly acknowledged by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for more than 20 years. Throughout her successful career, Kelley led the global marketing and business development initiatives for Millennium Pharmaceuticals as well as the global sales, marketing and operations teams of leading pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis and Pfizer. Most recently, Kelley served as Vice President of Marketing for Oncogenerix Corporation, a biotechnology start up, specialized in the development of oncological bio-pharmaceutical products. Kelley shares her successful connections in the Zintro platform.

“I was contacted by a client to do an assessment and appraisal for a start up organization involved in an educational opportunity to assist under served students in accessing funding for advanced education, by working with both governmental and non-governmental services. They were seeking an angel investing round of seed funds, and my assessment of their business and marketing plan allowed them to be approved for funding in excess of $150K,” notes Kelley. ”I had a tremendous amount of satisfaction in working through Zintro on this project, as it allowed me to see the value of my contribution in a very substantive way. I have also worked with a client for several projects over different business sectors. This client now regularly works with me to provide assessments regarding their clients’ questions and market research needs,” she adds. “Working with Zintro has allowed me to build my client base and provided me with the opportunity to establish solid business relationships with clients I might not have otherwise had the chance to work with.”

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