Seeking Experts For Beverage Industry Projects

I am looking for a project management consultant. I am working on starting up a beverage company which will produce bottled water and bottled ice tea. I would like someone who has experience in the manufacturing of these 2 products, especially ice tea. thanks…..more

Beverage Distributor 

Want to find distributors to sell high quality water that we have from the country of Greece. This water is bottled and can be shipped in 16.9 oz. bottled to as high as 1 and a half liters……more

I am looking for a Soft drink beverage manufacturer……more

Marketing new functional beverage for extreme sports, athletes, EDM events. Looking for distribution partnerships.
Not an Energy drink, NO caffeine or stimulants.We are looking for beverage distributors in Florida that distribute functional beverages, vitamin type waters, health drinks, and supplemental beverages. to distribute our water supplement……more

Beverage Distributors

************** is a new energy drink that I am introducing to wholesale beverage distribution companies in the hope that will carry our product.I need businesses e-mail addresses……more

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