“First Experience With Zintro Was A Big Success” – David Cavanaugh

David CavanaughDavid Cavanaugh has dedicated more than 20 years to the information technology industry and is an expert in the selection and deployment of open source technologies for large-scale global requirements. Cavanaugh has an extensive background in open source models and served several roles, some of which include software development, systems analysis, network design and senior IT management.

Cavanaugh replied to an inquiry in which the critical problem was a server that was infiltrated by spammers. His potential client was another consultant, looking for additional technical firepower to address the issue of spammer hijacking. The consultant’s customer was about to have their server disconnected by their ISP because of the spam flowing through it and Cavanaugh’s expertise was very crucial to solve the problem.

“I worked with my client and together we traced the problem to its source. I drafted an 18-page report of findings, describing all of the vulnerabilities I discovered in the process of investigating the spam attack. Log file analysis revealed the attacker’s IP address and infected files, some of which were used to create other infected files. Not only did the initial consultation lead to the creation of a project, it led to a follow-up project to ensure that the original problem was truly solved,” notes Cavanaugh. “Beyond that, it led to an ongoing, monthly schedule to revisit the server and respond vigorously to any security anomalies that crop up. In this situation, my job is to enable another consultant to offer broader services to his clients than he could provide on his own.  The next challenge is to figure out how to make Zintro a larger part of my consulting practice. It is certainly a great source of high-quality contacts.”


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