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Browse Live Projects, Jobs and Inquiries across all Industry Sectors

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How Fast Will We Adopt Wearable Computing Technologies?

How Mind-Control Will Change Mobile Device Technology

Scientists Considering Caffeine As An Alternative Chemotherapy Treatment

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May Projects

The following are a few projects that came in last month:

Institutional Review Board Chairman
We require an IRB Chairman expert to provide a written report (and perhaps court testimony) that specifies the obligations of a IRB Chairman when……more

European Street Lighting Technology
I am looking for European regional consulting companies in the field of Smart Street lighting (outside UK)to to help us in establishment of…..more

Russia Mining And Metals Industry
For potential project with large Russian mining and metals company we are looking for a professional in mining and metals industry to help us……more

Gastroenterology Clinical Trials
I am searching for an independent consultant with experience in managing clinical trials specific to gastroenterology. Prior FDA experience…….more