“I am very pleased with the consultant connection results from Zintro” – Ron Knight

Ron KnightWith his expertise in digital online radio and TV management, Ron Knight has dedicated more than 33 years in the industry, having worked for global media giants including Disney, ABC, Nickelodeon, the New York Times and Sirius Radio. Leading a successful career, Knight has made a significant contribution to several branches of the industry over the years, helping magazine publishers and radio platforms create multimedia and digital distribution agreements as well as creating digital content and brand acquisition formats for satellite radios. Thanks to his new online e-learning curriculum, Knight had the opportunity to train a great number of media talents, some of whom include producers, hosts and station owners, based on the most recent digital infrastructure for web streaming. The very same online service Knight offers led to a connection with a potential client, who needed expertise in radio station management in order to establish a new satellite radio station.

“I am very pleased with the consultant connection results from Zintro. I had listed my service as a lead generator to our broadcast training curriculum for firms needing training in new e-casting and web based broadcasting platforms, and I actually found a client lead in consulting for an entirely new private enterprise in satellite media,” notes Knight. “The client is happy as well. Zintro allows you to communicate the bullets of needed information to recruit and land consulting time.”

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity: