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web projectHIPAA Compliance

We need a HIPAA expert familiar with web technologies and frameworks since we are storing and making patient information accessible online as part of our product offering to healthcare professionals.

We need help ensuring our web application is secure and HIPAA compliant……more

Web Testing

Need to do web testing of some portal…..more

Amazon Web Services

Hi, I am doing a market research project into trends in the I.T. security solutions/ services market resulting from the shift to cloud computing. Questions are:
1) what is the outlook for adoption of public and public cloud services among smaller and mid-sized enterprises today?
2) are customers on the cloud looking to increasingly add security features to their networks and applications (e.g. email, firewall, log mgmt etc)?
3) what are the cloud service providers doing to offer cloud security features for their clients?
4) what are the managed security service providers (MSSPs) doing to compete in the cloud solutions market?
5) who are the more innovative solution providers playing in the cloud security market, e.g. Solutionary, SecureWorks, FireEye, Silver Sky?…..more

Looking for a website designer and marketing help for my law practice. I am a solo attorney and need assitance with a simple site……more

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