5 Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Call Centre

Call CentrePersonally monitoring your staff and getting them into shape to work to their full potential is almost an impossible task but technology now helps us reach our highest possible levels of efficiency. The average agent spends 11% of his day idle, waiting for a call, which means that for 49 minutes every day, your agents are unproductive and not helping you reach your efficiency goals.

Predictive Dialer

One way to reduce idle time is to use the predictive dialer. Predictive dialer removes unproductive calls such as no answers, busy tones, dead numbers and answering machines, thereby minimizing the current idle time agents spend. Many predictive dialers allow full visibility of your call centre allowing you to recognize which agents are working efficiently and making money and highlight those who may need more training. This allows you to spend more time training those agents, helping them improve their skills and become more efficient.


Rather than having your agents twiddle their thumbs for those free 49 minutes each day, use that spare time productively to improve your KPIs. Whilst your agents are off the phone, offer them training and coaching to improve their skills and efficiency, making them better equipped when answering calls. This will help you improve your service skills as well as profitability in the long run.  Through the use of call tracking software, it enables you to highlight keywords that lead to sales. Taking the time to train your staff to use these keywords will increase the efficiency in closing a sale, thus increasing your profitability.

Effective Inbound Call Handling

Most contact centres will have different departments, each serving their own purpose with agents who are trained with different skills.  An IVR menu can make a substantial difference by dealing with your inbound calls, making it possible to place each call with the appropriate department and matching the customer with an agent who is trained and equipped to answer that specific call. This minimizes the time agents spend receiving calls they are unable to answer and redirecting those calls to the appropriate department.

Automated Systems

There are many services, which don’t need to be performed by your agents. An alternative, which would increase your efficiency, would be the automation of some of the services or processes your clients have to go through. For example, making payments doesn’t require an agent and could simply be automated, thereby reducing mistakes and repetitions, which would increase call time. In turn, the automated system can handle payments automatically whilst remaining PCI compliant.

Call Tracking Software

Tracking your calls is essential to improving your efficiency in your call centre. Your agents are wasting their time calling clients, who are potential sales but unable to pick up the phone at the time, or those who are simply going to hang up.  Call tracking software eliminates repeated phone calls, which might annoy customers and in turn reduces wasted time in the call centre. Call tracking software also allows you to see which keywords lead to sales, thereby helping you train your agents and get their full potential. With this information, you can provide your agents with scripts so that they can read sentences and answer questions with scripted answers using keywords that lead to sales.

Guest post by Zintro expert Taylor Livesey

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