Seeking Experts To Work on Rubber Industry Projects

Searching for potential factory/ supplier for producing a sticker-adhesive side guard for mobile phone (apple iphone 4) made of Rubber or Silicone or Soft PVC etc.
We already have the side guard made of PU (material),which is not a durable material.Looking for similar alternative materials supplier will suggest
We can send a live sample for evaluation .We are looking to make the exact same product we already have in hand but from other material (rubber/silicone)……more

We have a current process which mandrel wraps rubber on a long pipe. We want to develop the process to compression mold in approx. 3 foot sections. The rubber is bonded to the pipe…..more


Trying to find a product to use on in ground swimming pool stairs. the stairs are made of fiber glass and the liner is a pvc material.
What we are trying to is find is something that would we could used between the fiber glass the liner to form an anti slip pattern…..more

An expert to testify on the integrity of a rubber product and, if possible, proper labeling of the rubber product…more


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