Yahoo’s Future After Acquiring Tumblr

Yahoo:TumblrHaving bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion, Yahoo is now looking for ways to benefit from the acquisition. In order to ease the transition, Yahoo’s strategy will focus on operating Tumblr as its own brand and keeping all of the current Tumblr employees in New York. Moreover, Yahoo will soon be promoting Tumblr content on its own media resources, giving Yahoo users the opportunity to find Tumblr if they aren’t already using it. We asked our Zintro experts, how Yahoo and Tumblr can both take advantage of this transaction.

Wayne English, an expert in web content creation and social networking, describes how Yahoo will increase its audience upon the acquisition and suggests new ways to create ads, which will give benefits to both parties. “Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr gives Yahoo access to Tumblr’s more than 300 million monthly users and it’s signing up 120,000 users per day. This is expected to increase Yahoo’s total audience by 50 percent to more than one billion monthly users. So says Marketing Land.  Online success is all about getting eyes on your site, its content, and most important of all on the advertising that all those eyes generate and Tumble is growing, and growing fast,” he notes. “So, while and Tumble and Yahoo are very different they are both about ‘…users, design, and finding surprise and inspiration amidst the everyday.’ Read that as users, design, and staying very current with the wants and needs of their users.  Yahoo and Tumblr have challenges. They will need to create ads that will appeal to Tumblr’s young viewers. How they will handle that remains to be seen.”

By Idil Kan

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