“Looking forward to helping more clients in the future thanks to Zintro” – Eric Rivers

Eric-RiversEric Rivers, mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, held several responsibilities in a variety of areas including design, procurement, analysis, and engineering management. He is dedicated to introducing innovative designs, which stand above the competition and exceed customers’ expectations. Throughout the past couple of years, Rivers has been serving as a consultant, giving guidance on finite element analysis, software implementation as well as mechanical engineering know-how. Using his expertise in machine design, he guided a potential client on the technical merits of various drive system components and how engineers implement these into their designs properly. His client was very thankful for his assistance since he was able to simplify complicated technical data, making the solution easier to understand.

“With my many years of experience, I was able to get the customer on the right track and point them to many resources available for their research. I was able to communicate technical data and engineering experience to customers who were not engineers and had little technical experience. Thanks to Zintro, it was a great situation for myself and the client,” says Rivers. “I was able to do what I enjoy, serving others, and the client came away with a better understanding of the technical issues. Looking forward to helping more clients in the future thanks to Zintro.”

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