How Will Foursquare’s New Growth Strategy Work?

FoursquareEarlier in April, Foursquare, the location-based social networking website, has received $41 million of investment, which will allow the company to implement a new growth approach, during which Foursquare will enlarge its sales team and upgrade its app in order to emphasize its search function. Having tens of thousands of applications, which have built its platform into their app, Foursquare is capable of gathering enough data to estimate where users want to go based on their friends’ actions and the new strategy will help Foursquare send ads related to users’ check in and offer better discounts accordingly. We asked our Zintro experts how Foursquare’s new growth strategy will affect the company’s performance.

Winston Carhee, an expert in asset management and internet marketing expects a very positive outcome from Foursquare’s new approach. “Foursquare’s growth strategy leverages its existing platform to give business owners exactly what they desire the most. Not only will the business owners have access to potential customers, who are looking to buy via the mobile search but now they also have a potential customer, who has actually purchased a product. Add to this a reliable demographic that states what the buying customer’s purchase power is based on buying history and Foursquare definitely has a winner,” Carhee explains. “With the right sales team and the right price point, the performance will be something worth watching. The actions you take are up to you as this is not a solicitation to buy stock, but just an observation.”

 By Idil Kan

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