Seeking Experts To Work on Mining Projects

miningRussia Mining And Metals Industry

Subject: Mining and metals industry
For potential project with large Russian mining and metals company we are looking for a professional in mining and metals industry to help us with the following tasks:
a) Review the main trends of mining and metals industry (e.g. nickel, palladium, platinum and copper.)
b) Review the successful business models in mining and metals industry)
Areas of Expertise:
Seeking Experts with knowledge of Russian mining and metals Industry……more

Chief Financial Officer

We are looking to identify CFOs or Finance Directors in UK. Key industries include PE firms, telecom, mining and energy as well as financial services……more

Placer Mining 

Ia€™m the Co-Founder of ****** MINING – Who in 5 years will be on the way to becoming a placer miner. I have a crew of 6, each with their own trade/speciality. Wea€™re saving £250,000 of funds for the 5 month season in the Yukon, Canada over a five year period. We know all there is to know about placer mining except what I would like to know from the following information, mainly from just one question:

1) For my Sluice Boxes, what angle should they be to catch between 2-4 ounces a day; likewise for the sluice box Riffles? The correct process for retrieving 2-4 ounces of gold would be an essential piece of information.

If you cannot give us any advice you may/not have, could you please direct us to an active forum, or informational website.


Thank you for your time.
Your faithfully, Lewis ********…….more

Coal Mining Prefeasibility Report

Dear Sir,

We are a small coal mining company based on Yemen. We seek a geologiest to prepare a none standard prefeasibility report based on our datas given on our coal mine.

Please send me email with your contact mobile so i can proceed forward on this project.

Hassan ******
Mobile: ***************……more

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