“Zintro has a great network and I can’t wait for my next client engagement” – Johannes Michalski

Johannes MichalskiJohannes Michalski is an automotive executive with extensive knowledge of original equipment manufacturers and supplier networks around the world including North America, Europe and Mexico. Having specialized in startups, business development as well as growth strategies and gained a multi cultural perspective, Michalski recently had the pleasure to help a potential client, who was looking for expertise in fleet manufacturing, the variations in different countries and negotiation terms.

“I was helping a company from India gain specific knowledge about the Brazilian automotive market with focus on fleet management. The focus was to understand the right communication channels and how the automotive market is developing in the next five years. I was able to give the client detailed input and was able to answer the questions,” notes Michalski. “We decided to do another session to go even deeper into that specific subject. I like Zintro very much as I get exposure to a wide variety of clients worldwide. Zintro has a great network and I can’t wait for my next client engagement.”


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