“We could perfectly consult our client on the African market with Zintro” – Marc Zander

marc_zanderMarc Zander gained profound knowledge on African markets for more than 15 years, living and working in several African countries and specializing in various areas including sales, banking, agriculture, financial management and channel strategy. Zander’s consulting firm, XCOM Africa guides companies through market evaluations in Africa, strategy development for distinguished markets and gives support on operation setups in selected markets such as Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

Having created more than 60 market strategies throughout his career, Zander was a perfect match for a potential Zintro client, who was seeking expertise in MRO on the African continent.  Throughout this successful connection, Zander added huge value to his client’s business by naming key MRO companies in Africa, jointly evaluating the various MRO areas as well as the level of complexity and more importantly linking his client to key organizations.

“I was quite surprised to find professional clients on Zintro and I will make sure to enhance my business over Zintro,” says Zander.



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