How Fast Will We Adopt Wearable Computing Technologies?

Google GlassWhile Google is on the verge of introducing Google Glass to the market, there has recently been increased competition over augmented reality products including Microsoft, Apple with iWatch as well as Samsung, developing its own smart watch design and Sony, working on its eyeglass-mounted computer system.  We asked our Zintro experts which high-tech company they think would succeed in taking wearable computing technology mainstream.

Software product manager, Henry Rahr proposes two key strategies, which will help heads up display products (HUD) break past early-adoption into mainstream success. “The idea of a HUD sells itself, and all of the big players in this new market have the capabilities to mold these ideas into product form. However, if you are looking to sell a fundamental alteration in the way we communicate, it takes a behemoth of a distribution channel, and hefty partnering power,” Rahr explains. “Very few organizations possess the reach required to orchestrate such a marketing push for a game changing product.” Rahr also thinks it is crucial for technology companies to have an existing smartphone distribution channel at major retailers before bringing this type of product to the market. “This company will need the scalable distribution network to supply and support a product line that will attract the masses. Moreover, the company will need to convince its suppliers that the erosion of traditional mobile devices is imminent, and that it is ‘okay’, because they have the next big thing,” he adds. “Recently, Google had announced that the launch of Google Glass will be accompanied by the MyGlass Companion, an Android-only app for the time being. Using a familiar platform, such as Android, is key to bridge consumers to new technology. Google will have this minimum viable connection, but we’re forward thinkers. We want products that are seamless. Products that are integrated to the Nth degree. Who can introduce that whole ecosystem and convince the masses to buy-in? Samsung.”

By Idil Kan

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