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The Inquiry Browser BETA is here!

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Inquiry Browser

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Signup for pre-release access. The Inquiry Browser will empower you to search Inquiries by keyword, browse the most recent Inquiries, and even see how many Experts/Vendors have already responded to any given Inquiry.  This functionality is scheduled for release in May and we want you to help us make it perfect.

Adding Zintro to your LinkedIn Profile
We have received several messages from users requesting instructions to add Zintro to their Linkedin profile. It is very easy! To get started, go to your LinkedIn Profile, click on “Edit Profile”, then in the “Experience” section, click “Add a position”. For “Company Name” type in Zintro and select it from the list to ensure the Zintro logo shows up in your profile. Fill out “Title” as Zintro Expert. Include your start date and select the “I currently work here” check-box. Click on “Save” and voila, you’re done!If you need assistance please contact us through the Zintro Helpdesk.

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President Obama’s Investment In Neuroscience ResearchWill We See More Self-driving Cars In The Near Future?How Will Customers React To The New Whole Foods Practice?

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April Projects

The following are a few projects that came in last month:

Polymer Chemistry

We are developing advanced drug delivery and novel infectious diseases targeting/therapy seeks post doc synthetic polymer chemist with hydrogel….more

Mobile Application Development

We are a process improvement firm looking for a Flex, Flash Adobe Air mobile developer to create: Mobile APP development for the Android….more

Strategic Planning For Food Products

Hi, we are a Food start up that looks to introduce Mediterranean food in specialty/natural and possibly other channels. We are particularly interested…..more

Animal Waste

We would like to secure certification from a governmental agency for an animal waste (specifically hog and poultry) conversion system reducing waste…more