“Rare expertise may take months to put together without Zintro” – Olivier Jarry

Olivier JarryStrategy consultant and aerospace engineer, Olivier Jarry had a very successful career, having worked for 28 years in a wide range of industries including life sciences, nutrition, high tech and management consulting. Starting his career as a Paris-based consultant in Accenture’s strategy consulting division, he served several important roles in regional line management, strategic planning as well as business development in Danone and Novartis headquarters. Throughout his career, Jarry gained an international perspective working in different parts of the world such as Brazil, China, India, USA and Switzerland and held more strategic responsibilities as Global Head of Diabetes Care at Bayer and Head of Strategy and Market Access for the Emerging Markets in Bristol-Myers Squibb. His unique experience gave him the ability to help a potential client, who was trying to develop country specific strategies in order to drive his healthcare business and looking for expertise in emerging market strategy.

“Rare expertise may take months to put together without Zintro to match the need and supply. Understanding the healthcare systems around the world and highlighting which major components might impact a business may be apprehended as a long, complicated and expensive project,” notes Jarry. “Zintro offers the best platform for a client to ask a precise question and for an expert to provide a direct answer. The process is simple and allows to address urgent requests.”

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