“I was able to get my first consult request quickly” – John Thorne

hotels-management John Thorne has over 30 years of restaurant and hotel management expertise by working as a consultant with organizations such as Marriott, Denny’s, KFC, and TCBY. Through the Zintro system, Thorne received a client inquiry looking for expertise in hotel management. The proposal called for an expert with experience with an event program called MICE. Specifically, the client was looking for information about synergies between MICE and corporate travel departments and how negotiations take place for terms and conditions around an event. “I helped the client by gathering information on the event planning system called M.I.C.E (meetings/incentives/conventions and expos). I explained how large companies negotiate with the planners of these types of events and what types of terms and conditions are used,” says Thorne. “We also discussed what types of facilities are used and how negotiations differ for events on a local and global platform. I am new to the Zintro system, but was able to get my first consult request quickly.”

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity: