Zintro is a great way to expose my company’s services – Sunil Bora

plastic-bottles2_0Sunil Bora is president of Ideal Tech, Inc., a full service engineering and consulting company. Bora has over 25 years of experience in engineering services and management, product design, mold flow, process simulation, production, tooling, molding, assembly, dies, and project management. He joined Zintro to expand his company’s client base, and it worked. “We’ve been getting many inquires since we joined Zintro,” says Bora.

One recent successful proposal came from an entrepreneur in search of a reliable professional with plastic extrusion/mold experience to review and provide a second opinion on proposed engineering revisions that were intended to improve the connectivity of a custom-designed, small fastening device.  Bora responded and got the contract. “I was able to help the customer who was looking to solve a design issue. My team and I not only solved the design issue, but improved the overall product for functionality, processing, manufacturability, and tooling,” Bora says. “Zintro is a great way to expose my company’s services to all types of customers, projects, and consulting projects.”



  • Urban Planner Reviews
  • Exporting Referral
  • Food Production Consulting Firm
  • Magazine Publishing Scientist
  • Mortgage Backed Consulting Firm
  • Forensics Executives
  • Class Action Assessment
  • Middle Eastern Lawyers
  • Bank Compliance Vendor