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Senior Mobile Developer / Mobile Architect
Hand-on developer with Mobile OS architecture experience (Android and iOS)

What you’ll be doing:
In this role, you’ll be leading the development on one of our most strategic products as a Senior Mobile Developer / Mobile Architect to develop the best Mobile Phone/Tablet video player.
Will be working with a small team, collaborating with internal teams, partners and clients.

Serve as the lead architect and programmer of Mobile Applications primarily targeting the IOS and Android Operating Systems.
Participate in the full SDLC process (including coding) of Mobile Application solutions, using Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Phonegap, Dojo, Objective-C, JSON and web services
Significant coding is needed in Objective-C, Java, tools and frameworks, database tools and connections, native & custom video clients and streaming media.
Designs, develops, documents, and debugs software
Lead the technical architecture and design for mobile technology solutions
Architect, design and develop user interface, service tier and data tier components (full stack) for Mobile Applications
Mentor technical team leads and developers on processes and standards to promote consistency and improve productivity
Coordination with QA testers for end to end unit testing and post production testing
Support both the evolution and maintenance of existing applications and the design and delivery of new applications
Deployment, configuration and documentation
Develop standards, repeatable processes, and reusable components
Participate in project planning, including developing of timelines, propose composition of technical teams, and leveling of resources.
Assist in the development and review of technical deliverables on projects
Troubleshooting and correcting program errors or defects
Review, edit and prioritize bugs and features
Jointly working with UX designers and engineering team with Agile workflows
Properly escalate issues to meet deadlines
Closely interact with a business team as requirements are developed and documented
Support strategic activities by providing technical support, developing and architecting solutions, and estimating implementation requirements
Evaluate emerging mobile technologies and advise on trends
Define methodologies and approaches for mobile software development, systems architecture, systems integration, and mobile IT management…more


Mobile Application Development

We are a process improvement firm looking for a Flex, Flash Adobe Air mobile developer to create: Mobile APP development for the Android platform. Decision making tool and calculator for standard calculations….more


VoIP Transcoding, VoIP Codec Conversion

I need a transcoading solution that will stand between my sip server and my voip softswitch that is also a SipTunnel client that will work
such that all users of my mobile app with amr codecs will pass through the transcoading/voip tunnel before it gets to my sip server. The amr codec is then converted to g729 in the transcoading server before it gets to my softswitch.

Tunel/transcoading server should work such that incoming calls wil be converted to amr codecs before it gets to my users with amr codec
Tunneling Server ( or bridge server)

this is the server should accept sip request from dialers and tunnel the calls to our sip proxy server on 5060 sip port

this solution should handle unlimited usage. it can be a hosted solution as well.

credentials for users to connect to the server will be similar to those of a regular softswitch that is username and password and ip address

Suggestion is to use http://************.org/…more


Mobile App

I’m the technology reporter for the *********Business Journal and I’m writing about the adeven report that shows that Apple’s iOS app store is to add 435,000 new apps this year, and the Surikate study that the majority of apps are ignored. I’d like to get in touch with an app expert/consultant, highly preferable if they’re in the Silicon Valley, to chat about this. Deadline is ASAP. Please call ************** with questions….more


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  • Healthcare Reference
  • Investment Fraud Support
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  • Securitization Legal Counsel