Seeking Experts To Work Frozen Food Projects


We are a Food start up that looks to introduce Mediterranean food in specialty/natural and possibly other channels. We are particularly interested in three categories – sauces, rice mixes, and frozen food. We need the help of someone that has extensive sales planning and management experience in the food industry to do the following:

1- Test few concepts with distributors and brokers to narrow down scope of introductions before production
2- Develop a trade marketing/sales plan
3- Support in executing this plan


frozen food manufacturing

Small frozen food product manufactured in our restaurant and sold locally in Phoenix area

Looking to find a qualified frozen food manufacturer to make our product on a large scale

First target sales area is Las Vegas gaming resorts, followed by hotels/resorts/restaurants/cruise ships

Need help identifying a manufacturer and navigating the process…as well as cost analysis of the product and initial startup (for large scale manufacturing.)…..more

A Canadian Bread bakery makes hand crafted certified organic artisan breads. We are moving into an environment shipping pallets of frozen par baked breads to supermarkets and want to ensure product quality……more


I am putting together a business plan for a frozen food product catering to the asian market, and I need a food science consultant to help with the co-packing process and manufacturing of the product……more

  • Packaging Intelligence
  • Food Science Manufacturing
  • Payment Systems Managers
  • Food Technology Research
  • Reservoir Management Publication
  • PVA Specialist
  • System Design Firms