Seeking Experts To Work Fertilizer Projects

fertilizers-harm-earth_1Nitrogen Fertilizer

Dear All,

We are looking for experts in the following area.

Urea/Ammonia fertilizer plant expert: Worldwide
Location: Sub-Saharan Africa
Temporary project 6-10months...more


Agricultural Experts

Agricultural experts in crop protection, seed, fertilizer or animal health…..more

Animal Waste

We would like to secure certification from a governmental agency for an animal waste (specifically hog and poultry) conversion system reducing waste to high energy organic fertilizer tablets. Our system removes all hazardous waste …more

Phosphate Fertilizer

We want to know the basics of phosphate fertilizers using rock phosphate as raw material. Information required are (1) standard capacity (for example 500,000 tons annually) which is commercially viable, (2) cost of establishing such a unit in Africa (what is needed at this stage is an indication for budgetary purpose only), (3) other relevant general infos. Thanks…..more


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